PocketBible Darby's New Translation (DNT)

PocketBible Darby's New Translation (DNT)

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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

The PocketBible Darby’s New Translation (DNT) 1.0 is a software etext plug-in for the PocketBible for Windows library application, designed to make Bible study easier.

The PocketBible program was developed to be potable and readers can install the program on to their PDA and USB devices.
The program is sold separately fro the PocketBible library collection of Bibles, Books and References so that readers can choose individual etexts according to their needs and build up a library that is unique to them. The portability of the PocketBible program enables readers to gain access to their libraries’ collection from any computer. The PocketBible Darby’s New Translation (DNT) 1.0 is one of the etexts from the collection.

The PocketBible Darby’s New Translation (DNT) 1.0 is a literal translation of the Holy Bible by John N. Derby (1800-1882) which was first published in the 1800’s. This translation provided a more accurate translation of the original languages than others of his day. Darby’s extensive footnotes and cross-references can be conveniently viewed in the PocketBible program. The words of Christ are shown in red text. PocketBible can be adjusted to make reading and studying easier and readers can set it just the way they like it for Preferred Books, or to format its appearance. PocketBible also offers software for storage on to the PalmOS, the Pocket P.C., Window’s Mobile SmartPhone, Blackberry and iPod.


  • Free addition for PocketBible Library


  • Not a stand alone plug-in

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